Activeperl for PC

Perl is a high-level programming language that is used to create a lot of different software and functions. Perl can be used to develop various programs across the industry such as network applications, financial programs and system administration. This is the reason why it is important to be able to code in the language and use a medium that can support all the Perl extensions and make your job a lot easier.

ActivePerl for PC is a tool that allows users to create and test programs that they have written in the Perl language. Several features make this tool a great choice for people who are programming in the Perl language.

Features of Activeperl

Enterprise Version

If you are from industry or own a company which is involved in programming in Perl, ActivePerl is a tool that has an enterprise version that provides quality and guarantees stability that is required by business-grade software. The application is compatible with reference distribution and codes created in this application do not require any other Perl installation to support extensions.

Free to use

ActivePerl for PC is a licenced freeware and hence it is available to every programmer for free. It is available for PC that has a 32-bit processor and also devices that have a 64-bit processor. This is the main reason why this tool is reliable and is trusted by many programmers all across the globe.

All extensions are Available

There are various extensions of ActivePerl that allows the users to program according to the output they want to see. Enterprise users also leverage the business solutions offered by the Activestate which makes sure that the infrastructure is in place and is better than the competitors.

These features make it evident that ActivePerl for PC is the right tool to use if one wants to program in Perl programming language. This makes the task of the programmer much easier and is highly recommended for all programmers who use Perl.


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