ALLPlayer for PC

The lots of free media players with their wonderful subtitle title are out there in the market, making easier for users to enjoy their favorite movies and videos. ALLPlayer is one of the most popular media players that allows you to watch movies with matching subtitles on your PC.

ALLPlayer for PC is an advanced layout and is highly capable of playing everything, but when it comes to video subtitles, it works excellently and stands out from other free media players. It provides all the available matching subtitles for the specific movie and searched for them automatically. They will be displayed on the screen for as long as you want to view them.

What ALLPlayer offers to its users?

This media player for PC supports all media files formats and RAR files. It is also capable of updating the latest codecs if you find any issue in accessing a movie file, all due to its LiveUpdate feature. Moreover, this media player enables you to enjoy your desired movies on dual monitors and also supports SPDIF and Dolby Surround. It also supports AVI Doctor which is used to preview downloading torrents so that if there is any broken file, it can repair that issue.

The matching subtitles are searched in all languages, giving you the facility to search and view movies in your native language. The supported formats include MP3, AVI, 3GP, MPEG, MOV, FLAC, and many to add in the list. The other features that make it more valuable include its support to DVD and CD, and you can also preview your desired movies from webcams and various other video sources.

ALLPlayer for PC also provides you the freedom to choose any audio output, thus giving a smooth digital transmission of sound to an amplifier.

Features of ALLPlayer for PC

  • It is capable of playing any kind of media files.
  • It has smart built-in subtitle engine.
  • You can use your own codecs for movies.
  • You can also control this media player from your Android device.
  • Free and easy to use multimedia player
  • It supports Dolby Sound, CD and DVD, dual monitors, 3D audio, and SPDIF.

If you are a movies’ lover and looking for a similar media player, simply get this ALLPlayer for your PC today only!


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