Andy for PC

There are several ways in which smartphones have made our lives easier. It allows us to connect to our loved ones wherever we go, have access to the internet and play games or create doodles on the screen. There are ample things for which we rely on our smartphones but the drawback for using these cell phones is that they have a small screen. May gamers and designers find it difficult to function with this limitation.

Thankfully, Andy for PC can help solve this issue. It is a tool that allows users to connect their smartphones to the computer screen by creating a virtual environment.

Features of Andy for PC


Andy is a great way to ensure that the progress you make in a game is stored and you don’t have to start from the beginning every time you switch gadgets. It automatically syncs with your Google Play account and syncs your progress. This makes sure that your gaming progress is never lost and you can start from where you left off.

Entertainment at its Best

Andy for PC allows the users to view all their streaming sites and entertainment applications directly on your computer screen. This makes watching TV shows and other such activities even more enjoyable as they can be viewed on the large screen of your desktop. This proves to be a great plus point for this tool.

Granting Proper Access

Andy has access to the local computer file system which allows it to connect and control the different parts of the computer such as the camera and microphone. This makes sure that you can make the most of the connection that you establish virtually between your phone and computer.

These features are among the many features that make this a great tool to possess. Download Andy for PC today to see them for yourself and make the most of the applications on your phone by viewing them on your computer screen!


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