Atomic Email Hunter for PC

Atomic Email Hunter is a tool which is highly capable of extracting email addresses from various websites and can export those addresses to a file for use them in the future. When you start an email campaign, the very first step is to target the email list. Atomic Email Hunter for PC makes this task easier; it is done by harvesting and collecting the thousands of email addresses from the website addresses you will add in this tool.

The features such as flexible website crawling and the collection of email addresses make this tool one of the powerful and useful choice for internet marketers, browsers and even for sales managers. With the help of Atomic Email Hunter for PC, you can effectively extract the email addresses from the websites which you think are the best source of the potential customers you are looking for.

It is truly an amazing and beneficial tool to reach the people using the keywords specific to your business and can turn them into your customers.

Let’s move to the features that make it a useful tool for your business.

Features of Atomic Email Hunter for PC

  • If you do not have website links, you can still use the key phrase relevant to your business and search for the website URLs using this tool.
  • The tool also helps you in speeding up the search process by setting the filter rules directly for website URLs or email addresses. The search is performed depending on certain criteria that work great in improving the speed and quality of the email addresses extraction.
  • It also allows you to use mailbox plugin for extracting email addresses from your email account. No matter where they are stored in your account, the tool will extract and list out all email addresses you need.
  • You can also use Yelp plugin to make your email extraction process much easier. All of these plugins are integrated into this tool and are available for free.
  • It is also capable of extracting thousands of emails from Facebook pages, Twitter and other sources.

If you are looking for an easy to use email tool for your PC, Atomic Email Hunter ensures to meet your all needs for email extraction.


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