Attribute Changer for PC

Have taken so many photos with your family on a vacation and suddenly you realize that the clock of your camera is set to a wrong date or time? You need to worry at all if you have Attribute Changer on your PC. It is software that enables you to manage the attributes of different files at a time with the help of a few clicks on your system.

Attribute Changer for PC is wonderful software which is highly capable of modifying the date and time stamps of the files, as well as read-only status and hidden status flags. It is an advanced and highly intuitive solution that gives you easy access to the properties of a file you want to change the attribute for.

It is a powerful extension of Windows Explorer and can easily be accessed when you right-click any file, folder and even drive in Windows Explorer. Attribute Changer is packed with numerous amazing features that work effectively in managing your daily tasks in Windows.

Key features of Attribute Changer for PC

  • If you want your file to be read-only so that it can be protected from unauthorized modifications or you want to get a backup version of a file without making any modification in its content, it can easily be performed with Attribute Changer.
  • Attribute Changer for PC is highly capable of modifying some of the standard attributes of files and folders, such as read-only, hidden, archive, compress, index and many more. You just have to choose the attribute you want to modify and make the required change with great ease.
  • In addition to this, the name and extension of files and folders can also be changed from uppercase to lowercase or vice-versa. It is one of the amazing features when storing files/folders on case-sensitive file systems.
  • It enables you to change the photo information manually, all you have to change is the date and time
  • You can also use filters to add or remove objects depending on size, date, time and name.

Due to its exciting features and easy to use interface, it is counted in the list of effective software to manage the attributes of files on your Windows PC.


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