Audacity for PC

Audacity is a free and easy to use editor which is used to record and edit all types of audio files on Windows PC and various other platforms. This tool provides you various basic editing instruments as well as the number of advanced features such as sound recording, conversion of one file format to another, sound effects and audio processing.

Even if you are an inexperienced user, you can easily access the features and functions of this tool without any hassle. Whether you want to edit sound files or to do format conversion, you can gain a wonderful experience using this recorder and sound editor.

Audacity works openly with the graphics of the sound waves. The number of features and benefits of using this sound editor makes it more versatile than it appears.

Moreover, you can also change any section of the audio file and can also a filter in order to remove the sound in the music.

Why It Is Different From Others?

Some features of Audacity for PC which makes it different from other similar tools.

  • This tool is highly compatible with various audio formats including WAV, MP2, MP3, OGG and others.With the help of this tool, you can record live audio on your PC with great ease.
  • Even if you want to transform your tapes and records to digital recordings or CDs, it can easily be done using this tool while improving the quality.
  • It enables you to have much better sound editing experience by allowing you to cut, copy, divide, merge or mix various sounds together.
  • This tool provides you a facility to adjust the speed or pitch of the sound recording.
  • It comes with LADSPA plug-ins which helps you in adding new effects to your recording.
  • It is packed with the number of audio processing effects that include an amplifier, compressor, reverb, filters, vocoder and many more to add in the list.

Above all, when you download the latest version of Audacity for PC, you will be surprised with this metadata editor, enabling you to organize your files in your way, along with detecting rhythms and silences using many audio analysis tools.


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