AVS Video Converter for PC

With the increasing popularity of social media sites and the drastic increase in dependence of marketing companies on the internet, videos have become such an integral part of our day to day life. Whether it is for a presentation, a school project or simply a funny post on your social media accounts, there are increasing numbers of people looking for a way to edit or convert videos from one form to another.

AVS Video Converter is one such tool that allows users to easily convert the files they wish to use and allows users to access the videos of their choice using any media player they see fit.

Key Features

Simple Interface

Many people fear the tools that allow format conversion or editing simply because they feel like it will require a new skill set that they don’t have. In the case of AVS Video Converter this is not true. The interface allows users to drag and drop videos or to share their links when they want to convert its file format.

Allows Conversion of Many Types

Several different video formats are supported by AVS Video Converter for PC, some of the key formats include AVCHD, TS, TOD, AVI HD, M2TS etc. It also supports Blu-ray, DVD and MPE formats making this a versatile tool to possess. For the Blu-ray format, the converter also allows you to apply and cut effects, and add colourful Blu-ray menus.

Multilingual Support

For all those users who face issues with this tool or are not accustomed to using new technology, AVS Video Converter for PC has a multilingual support system that helps users who are not able to obtain the results they desire and guide them through the working of the tool. The support for this tool is available in French, German, English, Spanish, Polish and Danish.

Editing Tool

The AVS Video Converter for PC allows users to add some cool audio and video effect tools to tinker around with. This is a great way to make minor changes in the file once the format has changed and account for any unforeseen changes in the quality of the file or the audio clarity.

With these features, it is easy to pick AVS Video File Converter for PC for all your projects. So, go ahead and download today!


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