Baidu WiFi Hotspot for PC

For people who have multiple devices, it can be painstakingly difficult to manage all of them at the same time. It is a tedious job to ensure that the important files that might need to be uploaded or emailed are on the device that has access to the internet. In some cases it is quite likely, that the computer is connected to an adapter or a dongle but the smartphone or tablet isn’t. Hence, there is an overwhelming need to be able to share the network within the different gadgets.

Baidu WiFi hotspot for PC is a perfect tool made especially for this purpose. It allows your computer to create a WiFi hotspot the phone and other gadgets can be connected to. this ensures that you are able to upload and download files from any device you choose to use. Here are some features that set this tool apart-

Automatic Detection

Baidu WiFi hotspot for PC is capable of automatically detecting the WiFi adapter you are connected to and carrying out the necessary procedure without any manual supervision. It can then establish a virtual network using a default series of settings. This makes it easier for people with lack of knowledge about the inner workings of a computer system to finish their task hassle-free.

Transfer Data

Not only does Baidu WiFi hotspot for PC allow users to connect to the internet via the computer, it also allows users to transfer the data from one device to another. You can share documents, photos and even audio files through the connection established through this tool. This is a great way to make sure that your files are present in one place.

Easy Access Panel

The devices that are connected to the computer can be seen through a retractable panel and this ensures that you can block or blacklist certain devices that you do not wish to share your connection with. It is easy to trace the number and the names of all the devices that are connected to the internet with this easy to use panel.

These features make Baidu WiFi hotspot for PC stand out from the rest of the competitors. So go ahead and try it today!


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