BitTorrent for PC

BitTorrent is a torrent client which is designed to transfer or share data. The users of this client can connect directly and are able to send and receive a part of a file. It also enables users to search, download and upload apps and various other kinds of files such as music, video, documents, images, etc. BitTorrent for PC allows you to download the number of files at the same time from different peers.

For each file, the software displays download and upload speed, its size, name, progress, and other information. You can also view the usage in tabular and graphical outlook. It allows you to add new Torrent or magnet files, which you can be performed either through Torrent sites or BitTorrent itself can be used.

With BitTorrent, you can upload and download files simultaneously, thus works great in efficiently managing the network bandwidth. As the interest of people increases for a certain file, this software is highly capable of giving better results than other file transfer protocols.

Some valuable features of BitTorrent for PC

Download large files faster

BitTottent has the ability to move files of large sizes faster and efficiently. How this actually works? The software breaks the large files into parts and then these small parts are downloaded one after another as small files, it can be from one or different sources. When small files are downloaded, it uses less bandwidth and takes much less time for downloading.

Unlimited downloading

It allows you to download gigabytes and terabytes and without any limit of the number of files and the amount of data is allowed to download.

View file while it is downloading

It also provides the facility to view while you download; it means you need not to wait for the file to finish downloading so that you can start using it. Simply click on the Play button on media files and enjoy it while it is downloading.

Adjust bandwidth usage automatically

BitTorrent automatically adjusts the bandwidth usage as per your internet connection and network, so that the file is downloaded and uploaded faster.

Simply get BitTorrent for PC today and start enjoying free and unlimited downloading.


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