BridgeChecker for PC

BridgeChecker is a simple and efficient utility for PC which has the ability to disable or enable wireless adapters automatically. It is a wonderful solution which works effectively in reducing PC exposure and saves the battery life of the adapter to be used for laptops and notebooks. This way you are able to use the wireless adapter for many devices.

BridgeChecker for PC has a number of options that enable you to configure its policy settings and helps you to manage the wireless and wired connections with great ease. It means, with this utility you work with wired or wireless connections as per your choice. Moreover, you can also tell this utility which secondary network adapters to be deactivated or enabled based on your need, when the main adapter has been identified or missing. Moreover, you are also allowed to set this utility to disable the wireless network interfaces when you start or shut down your PC.

In addition to this, BridgeChecker also provides you the freedom to disable or enable the network adapters manually, along with slowing you to access the automation options the same job as well as defining the functioning mode. The main aim of this utility is to provide you an effective solution to get rid of dual interface routing and enable your PC to be connected to a single wireless network adapter at a time. This can be done without making any change in the initial IP address of your system.

Features of BridgeChecker for PC

  • It detects wired and wireless adapters automatically to enable and disable them.
  • It disables wireless adapter when wired is connected.
  • It enables you to get the complete list of the detected devices which can be exported to CSV format which can easily be saved on your PC.
  • It offers admin password facility that can be used to change the configuration.
  • It does not hinder your system performance and runs in the background without any need for user input.

Apart from these features, it is a great utility that helps in reducing security risks as well as works great in prolonging battery life. These are enough to convince you to try this utility to avail its benefits.


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