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SAM Cast for PC

Podcasts and YouTube videos have gone from becoming a way of communicating or sharing ideas to a means of earning livelihoods. There are so many young artists...


Voicemod for PC

Whether you are a streamer who is looking for something amazing and effective to your broadcast or want to have fun with your friends in voice chat, voice...


Classic Shell for PC

Classic is free, simple and easy to use software which is used to activate the detached features in your PC. Whether you are a novice or an experienced...


WinMerge for PC

If you are an editor or designer you will find yourself scrambling to find your final edit amidst the ten files that you’ve named almost identically while...



It is important for an artist to be able to produce art when and where they require to. Ideas and inspiration are always found in the most outrageous...


Sonarr for PC

Entertainment is such an important aspect of people’s day to day lives. We rely on music, tv shows and movies to pass our time on a long and lazy Sunday...


Groovy for PC

With the expensive hardware that one ends up buying to set up a home computer system, it is obvious that they would want to make the most of their computer. It...


DreamMail for PC

DreamMail for PC is a reliable and effective email client which is designed to ease your task of handling multiple users and email accounts. It supports most...


XSplit Broadcaster for PC

You might have used live streaming software on your PC and if you are not satisfied with its outcome and looking for something new with more advanced features...


FlashBoot for PC

Various operating softwares are available to us. Depending on the task you are performing, your preferred operating software may change. For a programmer, it...


Reflector for PC

Reflector for PC is designed to enable you to view your iPhone, iPad or iPod activities on your PC screen without using a wired connection. In simple words, we...


CareUEyes for PC

If you spend most of your time sitting in front of the PC screen, you need a solution which helps you to look on the screen comfortably and works great in...


Attribute Changer for PC

Have taken so many photos with your family on a vacation and suddenly you realize that the clock of your camera is set to a wrong date or time? You need to...


Amazon Drive for PC

Amazon Drive acts as a personal hard drive that stores your data in the cloud. This data can be your music, videos, files, documents, and photos which are...


NetLimiter for PC

If you are a frequent internet user and have never used any kind of traffic control software, then it is recommended to must have at least one internet traffic...


BridgeChecker for PC

BridgeChecker is a simple and efficient utility for PC which has the ability to disable or enable wireless adapters automatically. It is a wonderful solution...


AirServer for PC

AirServer is advanced software for PC which is used to transform a projector into a screen mirroring receiver. It allows you to implement Google Cast, AirPlay...


CloneBD for PC

For many movie enthusiasts, Blu-ray discs are considered as the best solution to store the number of movies in the large storing space. It means these discs...


Smadav Antivirus for PC

The viruses have become common in the last few years, and when any virus or malware hits your PC, it disturbs its functioning and exploits it to perform...


7-Zip for PC

It is difficult to store and transfer files that have a large size and it becomes more difficult to keep a track of these files, send them in the mail and load...


Adobe Photoshop for Free

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