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Paint.NET is a free image editing software which is available to be used on Windows PC. The simple and user-friendly interface with numerous features and...


Gramblr for PC

Gramblr is a free and easy to use tool which works great in uploading photos to your Instagram account. This free software for PC is quite easier to use due to...


Fotor for PC

Now, there is no need to be dependent on your mobile processor when you have a powerful desktop photo editor with multiple photo editing options. Fotor for PC...


UltraMixer for PC

Are you the one who loves DJ mixing songs? UltraMixer is software that enables you to create audio mixes in multiple digital formats on your PC and too in a...


Audacity for PC

Audacity is a free and easy to use editor which is used to record and edit all types of audio files on Windows PC and various other platforms. This tool...


Cyberfox for PC

The main aim of launching Cyberfox is to provide fast, stable and reliable browsing experience to the users. It is packed with the number of customizable...


Chromium for PC

Internet is a huge part of our lives in the modern world. We rely on the net to perform various day to day tasks such as ordering groceries or checking the way...


Teracopy for PC

The data stored in a device is very important for its users. Whether it is documents related to work or simply the collection of movies that you boast about...


My WiFi Router for PC

Each one of us juggles between multiple devices everyday. This means there are several devices that contain your documents, files and the applications you use...


Baidu WiFi Hotspot for PC

For people who have multiple devices, it can be painstakingly difficult to manage all of them at the same time. It is a tedious job to ensure that the...


Screen Grabber Pro for PC

It is very important to be able to share your work and the functions that you perform on the desktop with another person. Whether it is someone who wishes to...


Format Factory for PC

Data is the most important and expensive resource in the world we live in today. This is the reason why it is important for people to be able to convert and...


Game Fire for PC

A lot of gamers are disappointed by the specs that new games require in order for them to work on the hardware that they own. Keeping up with the latest...


AVS Video Converter for PC

With the increasing popularity of social media sites and the drastic increase in dependence of marketing companies on the internet, videos have become such an...


Malwarebytes for PC

With the increase in dependency on the internet, one thing has become very important- cyber security. It is important that you are able to rely on the privacy...


Tribler for PC

The trend of downloading various files through various torrents has been evident since many years. But why do people do torrenting or why do they download...


Winamp for PC

Do you love to listen to music? Do you prefer to spend your free time or the end of your hectic day by listening to different kinds of music? If yes, then this...


PhotoScape for PC

If photography is your profession or you love photography, you might have looked for software that can ease your task of editing the photos in an effective way...


X-Mouse Button Control

Having a computer is supposed to make your task easier. But when you’re loaded with work and need to accomplish N number of goals within the hour, you just...


ZenMate VPN For Chrome

A lot of us are bogged down by unnecessary censorship and needless restrictions on the internet. The internet is a great source for information and one of the...

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