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LaunchBox for PC

Several applications are designed only for a certain operating system or smartphones. Several games are designed for the screens of your mobile phones and work...


eScan for PC

If you are a regular internet user, you might have known that malware and spyware are the weakest points that can hit your PC and disturb it’s working. But, at...


NetDrive for PC

When you are struggling to access the number of cloud storage accounts on your PC, you need something that can ease your task of accessing these accounts. In...


IPVanish for PC

IPVanish is a top tier VPN service which has its own private connections and gives fast speed. You must consider this service to enjoy more freedom over the...


Plagiarism Checker X for PC

Are you a writer or a proofreader and looking for software with the help of which you can check plagiarism in the content? Plagiarism Checker X for PC is...


NTLite for PC

NTLite is Windows software that works effectively in integrating and customizing Windows PC. It is an intelligent solution which is highly capable of...


Mouse Jiggler for PC

Mouse Jiggler is small software which is designed and developed to work as a fake mouse input to your PC or we can say simulate back and forth movements of the...


ApowerREC for PC

ApowerREC is considered as one of the ultimate screen recorders to be used on PC. It allows users to record anything on the screen of their PC, enabling you to...


ALLPlayer for PC

The lots of free media players with their wonderful subtitle title are out there in the market, making easier for users to enjoy their favorite movies and...


Zortam MP3 for PC

Music is such a great way to release stress and to add some spark in your life. You can play music while dancing in the shower, washing dishes or driving down...


CSWall for PC

Working professionals and college students can’t stay away from their computer screen. There are many reasons why a lot of people are glued to their...


DVDFab for PC

Data is a very important asset in today’s world. It is the most expensive resource as of 2019 and many users store their documents, work and other...


Theme Manager for PC

We end up spending a lot of time in front of our computer screens. Whether it is a student studying to write a research paper or a professional busy making...


360 Security for PC

It is important to protect both your hardware and software from malicious files. This ensures that all your data that is stored on your computer system is safe...


PCMover for PC

Data is the most expensive resource in today’s world. For people who store their personal documents and work files in the digital format, it is important for...


IDM for PC

The world has been taken by storm ever since the internet has come into the picture. We rely on the internet to perform the most basic everyday tasks these...


Notepad++ for PC

Notepad++ is an excellent source code editor and a replacement to a plain text editor Notepad that supports different programming languages. This editor runs...


TeamViewer for PC

Work does not wait for commute and targets don’t wait for you to reach your destination when on the go. Users need to be able to connect to their team or...


Nero Free for PC

If you are looking for the best way to transfer your data from local storage on your PC to discs, you must use Nero Free as a powerful CD or DVD burning...


Mobirise for PC

Mobirise is a free tool which is developed to be used on Windows PC and helps you in creating small and medium websites, landing pages, resumes, portfolios...


Adobe Photoshop for Free

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Download Office 365 for Free

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Download Adobe InDesign for Free

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