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VSDC Free Audio CD Grabber

Imagine your elder brother comes back home during a holiday and very nostalgically goes through his old CD collection. If he finds a song that he wants to...


Torch Browser

With the advent of the internet, our lives have changed drastically. We depend on it for research for work and also to select and buy groceries. It is...



Do you want to make the backup copies of your music and data CDs? If yes, this tool is perfect for you. CloneCD is a tool that allows you to create backup...


Avast Business Antivirus

Like you take care of your body, fitness, and health, it is important to take care of your computer and other devices as well. As the human body is susceptible...


Epic Privacy Browser

In today’s world where the net is not only used for news and entertainment but also online bank transactions and bill payments, it is very important that your...


GridinSoft Anti-Malware

With the huge sums of money that one invests in computers and computer peripherals, it is important to make sure that your hardware is at minimum risk of...


USB Security Suite

It is important to protect your PC from computer viruses and other malware that may lead to data loss and a great deal of damage to your devices. This is why...


Super Audio CD Decoder

Super Audio CD Decoder is an input plugin for foobar2000 which has the ability to playback Super Audio CD ISO images, DSDIFF and DSF files for compatible...


AVG Antivirus Business Edition

Are you looking for the best way to protect your business against threats, malware, hackers, and others? When you have AVG Antivirus Business Edition, you will...



Do you ever wonder how much space is really occupied by certain kinds of files in your storage devices? Do you wish to know the contents and composition of...


Express Rip Free CD Ripper

Have you ever come across a beautiful song on your dad’s CD that you wanted to download? It would be an easy task if the name of the songs were printed on the...


Recovery Toolbox for CD Free

If you are not getting how to recover the data from damaged CD, this tool is highly capable of providing you the required solution. Recovering data from...


Avast Internet Security

Well, it is no more hidden about the malware and harmful files that we come across while surfing the internet. Though Netizens are very well aware of it and...


K7 Ultimate Anti-Virus

K7 Total Security is a highly advance anti-virus software that ensures to protect your Computer, Laptop and Mobile devices from viruses. K7 Total Security...



Firefox is one of the most reliable browsers that allow you to browse any source of information on the internet. It is very simple, fast, reliable, secure and...



mHotspot is a software that converts your Windows 7,8 and 10 laptops into a virtual Wi-Fi router. That means it enables you to share the hotspot from one...



FrostWire is a very simple and easy to use and a free torrent client that helps you to download files via torrent. It has a very simple and user-friendly UI...



In this modern-day world, when we work with emails very much, one needs an email management system where they can store emails categorical wise, with simple UI...



Filmora is a video recording and video editing software mainly for YouTubers that make the recording and editing of videos very easy and effective. It is...


Adobe Photoshop for Free

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Download Adobe InDesign for Free

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