Classic Shell for PC

Classic is free, simple and easy to use software which is used to activate the detached features in your PC. Whether you are a novice or an experienced individual and if you want to customize your system as well as also want easy access to the hidden and valuable options, this software is capable of catering you all needs.

Classic Shell for PC offers you to perform a number of activities on your Windows PC, these include adding a toolbar to Windows Explorer, replacing the duplicate user interface as well as also helps in fixing various usability issues. It is available as a complete package which enables users to take maximum benefits of this amazing software. The package includes Start menu, Internet Explorer 9, classic Explorer and shell update.

When you have Classic Shell installed on your PC, it means you can customize the title bar as well as the status bar of Internet Explorer, and it also allows you to check for new versions once in a while. In addition to these, you are also allowed to modify the interface skin and can display picture and name of the user as well as reducing the glass color. There are several other things offered by Classic Shell to give an ultimate experience when you use this software.

Some amazing features of Classic Shell for PC

  • It supports drag and drop functionality to allow you to organize your apps or programs.
  • It enables you to find apps, settings, files, and documents.
  • It lets you customize the toolbar and status bar in Windows Explorer, as well as the title bar and status bar in Internet Explorer.
  • It supports jump lists, allowing you to have easy access to the latest documents.
  • You are allowed to perform several activities such as specifying the left click, Windows key actions, and Favorite area can be displayed either as a link or menu as per your choice, disabling the Start button and many more.

Classic Shell for PC ensures to never affect the performance and responsiveness of your system. It is just a simple way to get back the detached features in the new OS on your Windows PC.


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