CloneBD for PC

For many movie enthusiasts, Blu-ray discs are considered as the best solution to store the number of movies in the large storing space. It means these discs are capable to support larger resolutions as compared to the ones which were supported by DVDs or CDs earlier.

When it comes to creating backups or clone of the Blu-ray discs, you need software that can help you to do so. CloneBD is software which is capable of cloning the unprotected Blu-ray movies to an empty Blu-ray disc or hard drive on your PC. You just need to make a few clicks in order to create a partial copy of the desired titles as well as audio and subtitle languages. Apart from it, it also allows you to make 1-1 full copy of Blu-ray discs or you are also allowed to convert the chosen titles to various formats like mp4, mkv, and others.

What CloneBD offers?

CloneBD for PC has a simple and straightforward interface and is well-organized as a wizard which helps users to understand the functions of this software with easy to follow steps so that they can easily copy their Blu-ray movie to the location of their choice. One thing you must also know that this software not only supports Blu-ray discs but is also capable of handling ISO images and Blu-ray folders.

You must also focus on the point that CloneBD has the ability to process only unprotected discs. Once your desired content is loaded, you can explore it and check the complete duration of the movie and its label.

  • It enables you to convert blu-ray discs to mp4 and mkv formats.
  • It has in-built UDF 2.50 parser, thus no requirement for installing third-party driver.
  • It supports all regions of the discs.
  • You can select audio languages and subtitle languages.
  • The selecting title is quite easier.

The features and functions of CloneBD for PC is enough to impress people looking for a similar solution to get their movies on the large storing space of Blu-ray discs without any hassle.


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