Cyberfox for PC

The main aim of launching Cyberfox is to provide fast, stable and reliable browsing experience to the users. It is packed with the number of customizable options giving you an opportunity to get an amazing web browsing practice. Basically, Cyberfox is an enhanced version of Mozilla Firefox for Windows PC.

This web browser allows you to choose your desired look from two different styles and customize it with a wide range of options.

Like Mozilla Firefox, Cyberfox for PC is quite easier to download and installed on your system. Once you start downloading it, you just need to follow the instructions given on the screen and this web browser will be on your PC within a few minutes, giving you better browsing experience than other web browsers for PC.

You can choose to download Cyberfox 32-bit or 64-bit version based on the type of processor your system has. It has various other wonderful features which make it one of the preferable web browsers to be used on your Windows PC. Moreover, Cyberfox is available in a portable format.

This Java-based browser is available for the users to add value to their web browsing.

Features of Cyberfox for PC

  • This web browser is highly capable of using its own profile system effectively, giving a personal touch of the browsing experience.
  • Being an enhanced version of Mozilla Firefox, this browser is compatible with all extensions of Mozilla.
  • This enhanced web browser does not contain several features of Mozilla Firefox; these include health-report, sponsored tiles and various other features which were used to collect information.
  • This browser is power-driven by the source code of Mozilla Firefox.
  • It allows you to create a shortcut by simply pinning in the taskbar.
  • This web browser also supports tabbed browsing.

If you are not satisfied with your existing web browser or looking for a fast and reliable web browser as an alternative to the Mozilla Firefox, you can go for Cyberfox as the best solution.


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