DreamMail for PC

DreamMail for PC is a reliable and effective email client which is designed to ease your task of handling multiple users and email accounts. It supports most of the common email protocols, such as Hotmail, POP3, SMTP, and many others. This single email client can be used by small to large companies, home users and any business type. The main aim of DreamMail is to fulfill your all email needs when it comes to managing multiple accounts at once.

This email client can easily be used by novices and even professionals find it really comfortable in setting various processes, these include email filtering, multi-user accounts, alteration of emails to HTML and text files, automatic backups and many more.

Features of DreamMail for PC

Multiple accounts and users

It is highly capable of managing multiple accounts as well as multiple users at the same users. Moreover, it also enables you to configure several email accounts perfectly and with great ease.

Manage templates and signatures

Using DreamMail means you can also manage templates and signatures easily without any hassle. The software has a collection of mail templates which you can choose as per your choice, but it also allows you to create new templates. In addition, you can also easily edit and change signatures whenever you want.

Antispam filter

This feature ensures to scan each file to prevent dangerous files from being targeting your PC. It detects the spam emails and moves them to Spam box.

Black & white lists

It is capable of managing black and white lists thus helped you in categorizing the emails and send them to Mailbox or Spam box accordingly.

Compress data

All your data, whether it is contacts, email list, and even different accounts can automatically be compressed to ensure saving the disk space. Thus, frees up the disk space for other data.

It is easy to install and takes only a few seconds to complete the installation process. DreamMail for PC is optimized to use safely and effectively on your Windows PC.


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