Express Zip Free Compression Software

Are you not satisfied with the existing way of managing and extracting zip files and folders? If yes, you must go for Express Zip Free Compression Software to ease your tasks.

It is basically an archiving and compression tool which allows its users to create, manage and extract zip files and folders in an easy and convenient way. This tool is widely used for a range of extraction purposes.

It works by reducing the required file space with the help of zip program to zip big files before you are going to send the particular file or folder to your friends, family, colleagues, clients, and others. It enables you to open a variety of file formats, including rar, 7z, tar, cab, and various other archive formats.

Along with one of the effective file zipping and unzipping tool, it provides you fast results as well, which mean file compression or extraction can be done in just a few seconds. It is really incredible when you have a large sized file or folders.

The free version can be used for non-commercial purpose only, while for business use, you need to upgrade to its premium version.

Features of Express Zip Free Compression Software

The features that make this tool stand out among the other similar tools include:

  • It enables you to create new zipped files or folders quickly.
  • It gives you the facility burn the archived files/folders to CD/DVD, allowing you to get your data backup for the long term.
  • Using this tool, you can easily open and extract the number of archive file formats, such as zip, rar, cab, tar, iso, arj, gzip and many more to add in the list.
  • You can even manage the zipped files by making the required changes in the content or you can move the content as well.
  • Once your zipped file/folder is ready, the tool enables you to email it in just two clicks, how easy and simple it is.
  • Just using your file browser, you can compress or extract any file or folder directly from right-click menu options.
  • The large-sized zipped file can split into various smaller parts, which makes it easy to send or transfer to others.
  • When using this tool, you need not worry about the safety of sensitive or confidential files or folders. All the zip files are password protected, thus gives you great relief from any threat or loss.

Though it is small and simple to use, but gives faster results and does not use a lot of resources. So, get Express Zip Free Compression Software today to compress or decompress your zip files easily and effectively.



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