Filmora is a video recording and video editing software mainly for YouTubers that make the recording and editing of videos very easy and effective. It is having lots of features which makes video editing very easy to use. The user interface is very user-friendly and any beginner can easily use this software. Filmora is available for free to download and use in windows and mac but with limited features. To use all the features, you need to purchase its premium version.


Video recording FPS

Filmora supports video recording at 120 FPS which is very useful and the best thing for gaming YouTubers. If the users have a monitor with over 60Hz refreshing rate, then this feature will be very useful. For slow-motion, Filmora is helpful too as the minimum FPS it can go is 15FPS.

Audio Recording Option

Filmora supports the audio recording option. However, it’s up to the user if they want this feature or not, they can on or off this feature according to the requirements. However, this feature is very useful while recording tutorials or gameplays.

Webcam recording

Filmora supports webcam recording and screen recording simultaneously, which means a user can record screen and webcam together. However, the quality of the webcam recording is based on the webcam resolution.

Video Editor

The video editor feature has lots to offer to the user to make their videos more creative like the addition of music’s and annotations or clipping some of the parts of the video. After recording, Filmora asks its user if they want to transport the video to the editor. Editing of videos is very easy in Filmora and no special skill is needed.


Filmora is free to download and use software but with limited features. If you want to use all the features then you need to buy its premium version.


If you are a YouTube or a Vlogger and especially a Gaming you tuber who needs to record their videos in high FPS, then this software is highly recommended to them. Filmora has lots of features to use that enhance the quality of your video and has very easy to use user interface. You can use webcam and screen recording simultaneously. So if you are looking for recording and editing software for even free then go for Filmora because of the vast number of features available in it to enhance the quality of your videos.


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