Firefox is one of the most reliable browsers that allow you to browse any source of information on the internet. It is very simple, fast, reliable, secure and has many features that enhance your experience while browsing the internet.

The add-on features it provides is very user-friendly. This add-on feature not only makes the browser better but also increases the functionality of the browser.

Firefox does not consume much memory of the computer and also allows faster downloading speed in any device.


User Interface

the User interface of Mozilla Firefox Browser is very simple and user-friendly. Firefox version 3 offers more functionality and better user interface like large text and images with a favicon to the bookmarks that helps users to use this browser very easy and provides better functionality.


Add-ons are the feature in any browser that gives some extra features to the user like ad-blocks add-ones or like integrated social media add-ons. Firefox provides many add-ons to its browser that makes user’s work very easy.

Download Manager

Firefox also provides its download manager that allows you to see which files are getting downloaded and its remaining time and the progress of the downloading file.

Tabs Management

Users who love to open many tabs at the same time like Facebook, email, some other websites, needs to have better tab management in their browser. Firefox offers better tab management to its users. It reduces the messes and provides better functionality to its users.

PDF File Viewer

Firefox browser offers PDF viewer in its browser. There is no plugin needed to use this feature. Almost any PDF can be viewed in the browser itself.

Memory uses

Firefox browser uses less memory of the computer as compared to the other browsers and that makes the functionality of the computer very fast. It also helps to browse the internet at a fast rate.


Firefox browser is developed by Mozilla Foundation, and it’s the subsidiary branch, Mozilla Corporation has also contributed to this browser. This browser is very fast, consumes less memory, secure, has many add-ons, has better tab management and has many other features that help its user to work better. The user interface is very simple and easy to use.

So if you want a browser with all these features and with a very simple user interface then Mozilla Firefox is the one you should go with.


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