Fotor for PC

Now, there is no need to be dependent on your mobile processor when you have a powerful desktop photo editor with multiple photo editing options. Fotor for PC is one of the most powerful and all-in-one photo editing software that provides the number of photo editing tools enabling you to adjust brightness, contrast saturation, blurring, etc.

You need not be an expert in Photoshop for editing photos. With the help of this photo editing software, you can perform all required functions for editing photos in any way you want. You can also crop, rotate and even straighten your photos as you please.

The easy to use the number of simple click adjustments and options gives you an opportunity to enhance your photos in your way. It is the best way to become a professional photo editor without taking any help from tutorials. Using this software is enough to make you a pro at editing your photos on your PC.

It has a simple, sleek, straightforward and intuitive interface that gives you incredibly easy navigation as compared to other similar software/apps. You can easily access the editing options and can apply them on the photos with just a few clicks.

Key And Wonderful Features of Fotor for PC


The collage feature of Fotor provides great flexibility to create creative and customized photos. It allows you to choose from 80 templates or you can use Freestyle with over 22 unique backgrounds.

Multiple tools

This software provides you the number of options and tools to process your photos quickly. You can make a perfect photo as you want using these multiple photo editing tools.

Enhance photos

You can enhance the look and quality of the photos, which you had not done when clicking photos on your camera. Fotor offers 13 different options to enhance your photos for particular conditions.

Palette of effects and borders

It provides you a chance to show your creativity through its large palette of effects and borders. It has more than 60 effects and more than 30 different styles of frames.

Add Text

If you want to say something with your photo, simply add a text to it using the number of fonts, sizes and color options.

Make a perfect photo on your PC with this amazing photo editor.


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