FrostWire is a very simple and easy to use and a free torrent client that helps you to download files via torrent. It has a very simple and user-friendly UI that helps its users to navigate to the website easily.

It also helps to download any files in mobile and computer devices. When downloading from the FrostWire, users need to select the option- Seed and the downloading process will get the start. It supports every platform like Windows, Mac OS, etc.


Previewing Downloaded Available

This app allows you to stream any files from the cloud before downloading them. This also allows you to play the downloaded media before transferring them. FrostWire also allows you to stream different radio stations to listen to music.

Integrated Library Available

The users can add files from their PC directly to the media library of this app. They can also create their playlist and users can access them anywhere.

Controlling of Download Speed

Users also have the option to control the download speed of the file by choosing the bandwidth in the range of minimum to maximum according to their requirements.

File Sharing Option

FrostWire allows you to share files to any other user easily.

Search Utility

This feature allows users to find different torrents from several websites. The users have the option to filter the results by size, websites, and seeds. Users can deactivate torrent seeding anytime. The users can get the view of download progress in the app itself.


The app allows you to download and seed the files very securely even if the VPN is activated.


If you are looking for an app that helps you to download any files through torrent then FrostWire is the one you should go with. This app has many features like previewing the files before downloading, search utility, controlling of downloading speed and it gives better security to your devices.

This app is free to use and has a very simple and user-friendly UI that helps to navigate the user very easily. It supports any devices like laptops and mobiles and it is available in every platform like Windows, Mac, etc.


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