GameEx for PC

GameEx is a featured-rich and powerful interface which is designed for game emulators and various command-line apps including GameBase, Daphne and others. It is a wonderful and effective Home Theatre solution for PC or can also be used as a plugin for Windows Media Center.

GameEx for PC gives wonderful results when used seamlessly with various arcade products and controls. Apart from it, GameEx also supports fully-featured touchscreen and tablets, thus making it an ideal choice to be accessed as a CarPC as well as touchscreen frontend. With so many features and benefits, it is available for free and if you want to avail the benefits of additional advanced features, you have to install its enhanced registered version.

Being considered as one of the most effective, powerful and stable gaming front-end for almost all command-line based game emulators, it offers more than what you can expect from the similar app. So, continue reading.

Let’s move further and know more about GameEx.

Features of GameEx for PC

  • GameEx supports almost all game emulators without any compatibility issues.
  • It is compatible with Dual- and Quad- core processors.
  • It supports Arcade controls and other arcade products seamlessly.
  • The built-in Theme Editor feature lets you customize the app by changing its appearance based on your needs and choices.
  • It supports the Arcade VGA and Media Center Plugin.
  • It also supports native widescreen and HP without any need of scaling.
  • The controls are fully customizable and let you enjoy this app in your way.
  • It has a simple, elegant and effective interface, which can be accessed by beginners and professionals with great ease.
  • GameEx also provides integration with iTunes as well as Windows media player.
  • It supports multiple languages, choose your desired language and enjoy using this app.
  • YouTube module lets you search and play YouTube videos with the help of simple controls.

Overall, GameEx for PC is one of the most convenient ways to keep all gaming emulators into one place. So, if you are looking for something with the same features, try this app on your PC today only.


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