HoneyCam for PC

If you are looking for something that can help you in making animated GIFs on your PC, HoneyCam can be your best choice in this regard. Honeycam for PC is a software that allows you to make and edit animated GIF. It also provides you the facility to capture the screen of your PC, YouTube videos or any media player and to save the capturing file as an animated GIF or WebP or WebM image files.

It has a recording function, with the help of which you create your desired animated image and by using its importing function you are allowed to import the number of images in different formats which have been taken through continuous shooting mode of your camera.

Even if you have created animated image files using other software, with the help of Honeycam you can edit those image files to create your own animated images. It allows you to create and edit animated GIFs in great speed by decreasing the size of an image without affecting its original quality.

Apart from these, Honeycam for PC offers various other features; let’s have a look at them.

Some amazing features Honeycam for PC

  • With this software, making animated GIFs has become quite easier and simpler, allowing you to record your system’s screen and save it as an animated GIF.
  • It allows you to create ultra-high-definition animated GIF images while keeping the original quality.
  • The software supports the latest image and video formats developed by Google, WebP and WebM formats.
  • These formats are considered as the best choice for high-quality GIF images having small file sizes.
  • Honeycam offers a wide range of amazing editing features that include faster creation and editing facility, transition effects, filters, reverse playback, enables you to reduce frames, crop, re-size and even import the images.
  • It also allows you to add text or image watermark on your created animated GIFs, thus allowing you to use your logo, title, any message and all.
  • You can also share your created animated GIF images on Facebook, Twitter, and instant messengers by uploading them directly on these sites with the help of image sharing service.

So, make animated GIFs with as less effort as you can by using Honeycam.