IDM for PC

The world has been taken by storm ever since the internet has come into the picture. We rely on the internet to perform the most basic everyday tasks these days. From booking movie tickets to checking airfare for travel, all of it is done with the help of the internet. There are several videos, files and information available on the internet for all kinds of consumers. Youtube videos from creators and recipes for new dishes, one can look for and find almost anything in this vast library. 

With the availability of this information, access to it becomes the biggest question for all users. It is important to be able to access and download all the information available on the internet without having to worry about speed and safety. This is why IDM for PC is the best tool for all users to have in their digital toolbox. 

Features of Internet Download Manager 

Proxy Servers

The biggest hindrance to internet users all over the world is censorship. There are many governments and governing bodies that regulate the information which can be consumed by internet users in their jurisdiction. This causes a lot of problems and requires users to access a proxy server in order to be able to access all the information. IDM for PC has an inbuilt proxy server setting that allows the users to access the internet without any restrictions.

Multilingual Support

It does not matter what country you belong to and what your first language is. If you have any trouble while using this application, you can find help for the same provided to you in multiple languages. This makes it easy for users to troubleshoot their problems and understand the working of the tool with great ease. 

Scheduler Pro

You have complete control over your downloads while using the IDM for PC. it allows you to decide how much bandwidth you need to allow for a specific download and the priority of each download can be set separately. This makes sure that all your work goes according to schedule and you can control your downloads at any given time. 

With these features, one can be easily convinced that this is the right tool to manage all your downloads on your PC. So go ahead and download IDM for PC today!


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