K7 Ultimate Anti-Virus

K7 Total Security is a highly advance anti-virus software that ensures to protect your Computer, Laptop and Mobile devices from viruses. K7 Total Security Software is subscription-based software and uses signatures and heuristics to identify viruses.


Extraordinary Interface

The action buttons like Scan, Settings, Tools are tucked at the edge of the window.

A large panel of window highlights details like update time and virus definition version.


Running Quick Scan completes the procedure of scanning the device in a matter of just a few minutes.

The Complete Scan might take longer if the data is huge. You will also have the option to specify the folders to scan but it won’t remember those choices next time while scanning.

Cleans Automatically

The ‘Clean Automatically’ default setting removes the apps without giving you the option to decide what you want to do with those apps unless you turn the feature off.

Intelligent Firewall

The Firewall automatically decides the rules for itself, that means you do not need to deal with queries from firewall like ‘what to do next?’ But you still have the option to edit custom rules according to the requirements.


It serves the ability to live scan any file that is being downloaded and it also prevents any virus or malware through any email or USB device.


There is an office plugin to scan all the excel and word files opened by the office for instance. You can install the plugin by just a click.

Parental Control Feature

It provides the customized user setting option to set the boundaries for your family by restricting access to websites accordingly. It also enables the option to set internet timings, application controls, ad blocks and other browser settings that helps to restrict your family in a certain limit.

Secure Online Transaction

To prevent any risks from online banking and e-commerce websites or any online money fraud by un-authorized websites, it assures that all your passwords and transactions are well protected.

Other Performance Tools

It has tools like System Tune-Up, Secure Delete, Browser Cleaner and Internet Temp Cleaner to enhance the performance of the software.


K7 is a very simple and very efficient Anti-Virus software that enhance the protection of the devices and it provides lots of important features and tools that gives a vast range of control to the user. For the first time user, it charges only $40 for the single PC. However, it has a typical price of 75$ which is a little bit costly too.

If you are looking for a simple user-friendly Anti-Virus software with some good extra tools and features then you must go with K7 Ultimate Security.


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