KeePass app is an app that allows its users to store all their logins and passwords securely. In this modern-day, we access too many websites daily, and it is very difficult to remember the login name and passwords of all the websites. So Keepass software allows you to store your login and passwords.

KeePass software is free and open-source and it saves your passwords in your devices like mobiles and laptops. Other password managers keep your passwords online, but you can use KeePass software in your device. KeePass software has a very user-friendly interface that allows users to use this software very easily.


No Installation Required

This software does not require any installation process. You can transfer this software from one device to another via USB. You can run this software on the Windows platform with the installation. However, you can also install it if you would like to access this software through Windows shortcut.

The best part is it does not save any data of the computer in it that means it is very secure to use.

Password Generating System

This Software helps its users to create a strong password according to the input of the users.

Key More than one user

Users are allowed to use a particular password to access the database in the software. This helps the database to have more security.


This kind of software where we keep our login and passwords requires high security. KeePass software has SHA-256 security for dealing with master keys. It uses a cryptographic security system that secures everything. If you copy-paste this software to any other device, the passwords will never get revealed in other devices. This software also has a security password editing system that makes your passwords more secure. This kind of security can be found in very few numbers of passwords managing software.

Formats Supported

KeePass software supports CSV, HTML, TXT or XML formats and total up to thirty-five formats and the user can transport the list of passwords in any of these formats. However, KeePass software applies the CSV format when you move any file.


If you are a user who uses different websites regularly then this software is for you. You can save every password in this software. It is secure and you don’t need to install this software to use it. This software has very different features like password generating system, different formats supported and have SHA-256 security that secures everything.

So if you are a user who needs this password manager with a high level of security and with different features then this software is the one you should go with.


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