LaunchBox for PC

Several applications are designed only for a certain operating system or smartphones. Several games are designed for the screens of your mobile phones and work only on an android system. The users playing these games might want to enjoy the game on a larger screen such as that of their computer.

LaunchBox for PC is a tool that allows users to play applications that are not meant for that operating system. It acts as a virtual DOSbox that allows players to mimic the function of some other operating system on their computer and play the games that they would otherwise not be able to enjoy on their PC.

Features of LaunchBox

Automated Import

LaunchBox for PC is a tool that automatically imports processes from all your MS-DOS games and ROM files. This helps the player to set up the game and gets them up and running as quickly as possible. The game box-art and metadata is automatically downloaded from the games database.

Arrange and Filter

LauncBox for PC supports arranging and filtering by genre, platform, ESRB rating, developer, and publisher. It even has custom status and source fields to use to classify the games however you choose. The tool’s interface is incredibly easy to use and powerful all at the same time. This makes it a highly reliable tool.

Attractive Interface

LaunchBox grabs all fanart, screenshots and logos creating a surprisingly immersive experience for the user. Fanart and other images can be used in the app’s background as you browse your games, which helps to create an attractive, fun experience for every user.

With these features, it is only evident that LaunchBox for PC is a very reliable tool and can be used to mimic another operating system and create a virtual environment in which you can play games that are meant for your android or smartphone device.


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