Luminar for PC

A picture is worth a thousand words. With the increase in the popularity of social media, photographs have become a very important medium of communication. Pictures are used to share a person’s life updates with the world, to connect to loved ones and is also being used to ad agencies to market products. It is, therefore, very important for each person to have a good photo editing tool that helps them present their photos in a manner that best suits them.

Luminar for PC is such a tool that helps users edit and process their photos with great ease. Here are some of the many features of the tool that makes it stand out from all the other photo editing apps that are available to users.

Features of Luminar for PC

Exciting Edits

Luminar is a tool that allows users to apply several different types of edits and filters. You can choose to apply filters, layers, masks and colour controls to the photos that you edit using this tool. Not only this, it also allows the users to remove unwanted objects, colour casts and digital noise. It features layers with blend modes, texture overlays and powerful masking. The program lets you edit upper and lower sections of the image without having to make any selections. It includes selective colour controls and cross-process filters.

User-Friendly Interface

Other photo editors can make you adapt to their interface, Luminar for PC adapts to your skill level. You don’t need to face dozens of sliders if you simply want to remove an object from an image or apply a preset. You can just as easily access all the advanced features to make sure you can perform more complex edits if you wish to.


The workspaces in Luminar reveals the most essential photo filters for a specific type of photo. You can enjoy default workspaces and effects for landscape, portrait, street and Black and white images. You can even create your workspace based on your preferences.

With these features, it is easy to see that one should pick Luminar for PC to perform all their photo editing tasks.


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