Mobirise for PC

Mobirise is a free tool which is developed to be used on Windows PC and helps you in creating small and medium websites, landing pages, resumes, portfolios, promotional websites for events, products, etc. Mobirise for PC is a perfect tool for those who have little or zero technical knowledge, and are not familiar with designing and development concept.

If you are looking for a somewhat similar solution and want to work on these activities without fighting with code, Mobirise is a great tool for you. Apart from this, it is also a wonderful tool for professional coders who want something that can help them in fast prototyping and small customer-related projects.

The tool offers numbers of themes to choose for creating a new website and enables you to expand the blocks panel. You can also modify the content of all blocks as you perform in a regular text editor. It also allows you to add your image, video or icon. Setting block parameters and checking how your website will look on different devices are other tasks you can perform when using this tool.

Key features of Mobirise for PC

Mobirise for PC offers numerous valuable features to its users, these include:

  • It creates 100% mobile-friendly websites based on the latest Google Test.
  • The themes offered in the tool are completely based on Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4, like even if you are not familiar with coding; you can a part of the bootstrap community.
  • The created website can be published anywhere like a local drive, FTP, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and others.
  • It also allows you to create a responsive slideshow with the help of bootstrap slider.
  • The tool provides you an easy way to add subscription and contact forms without any need of integration from the server.
  • When using this tool, you can also display your photos in an image gallery.
  • When viewing a website on mobile, the site’s menu gets collapsed on your mobile and will display as a single-icon mobile menu.
  • You can also add Google maps, social buttons such as ‘Share This Page’ and ‘Follow Us’ to your website.
  • The tool also enables you to add a video to a website and bring life to it.

Get it today and enjoy creating your website with great ease.


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