Mouse Jiggler for PC

Mouse Jiggler is small software which is designed and developed to work as a fake mouse input to your PC or we can say simulate back and forth movements of the mouse. This action does not let screensaver to pop up, and keep your PC away from the unwanted screensavers when you are not using your PC.

Mouse Jiggler for PC does not require any kind of setup, you just have to download this software to your PC and start using it. In addition, it is available for free without any warranty and support. If you are watching your movie and screensavers are popping up on your computer when you go just a few seconds away from it, so to avoid this nuisance, make sure to get Mouse Jiggler on your computer.

How Mouse Jiggler for PC works?

When you install it on your PC, you need not configuring it; in addition, it only requires activating the jiggle function of your mouse and this app will do the rest.

Sometimes, it may happen that for some reason you cannot turn off your system and have to leave it for a few seconds or minutes, so screensavers or other things get activated when finds your system idle, this situation can irritate you. So, to enjoy the smooth working for your PC without changing window, Mouse Jiggler is considered as the best solution for this.

The main aim of introducing this software for PC is to check the movements of a mouse and when the software detects that the mouse has not been used for a few seconds, it starts moving the cursor back and forth. It will look like someone is working on your PC using a mouse.

One thing you need to know that Mouse Jiggler for PC works on your computer without changing the window and will display the last active window with only mouse jiggling on it.

The software allows you to watch your videos, play your games or anything you are working on it without any interruptions. So, install it today!


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