MSI Afterburner for PC

MSI Afterburner is great software which works effectively in showing the graphics card operating status in an accurate way. It provides you complete control of your graphics cards by providing multiple monitoring functions that include GPU core back, voltage, fan speed, and others, giving real-time data in Windows Tray icon. The adjustments which are performed usually save as 5 profiles, thus gives you a facility to move between settings using hotkeys much quicker.

This graphics card overclocking software is something that provides you all detailed information of your hardware. Apart from this, the extra features that make it preferred software include benchmarking and video recording.

Key features of MSI Afterburner for PC

Overclocking tools

Some people take it as a challenge when it comes to exploring and increasing the limits of your graphics card, but it is quite easier than you think of it. With the help of overclocking tools, you can easily access the video card settings. It provides you a chance to uncheck the actual potential of your graphics card.

Precise control of graphics card

You must know that the control of the smallest details plays a great role in achieving success. So, this software provides absolute control of graphic card to its users. The Triple overVoltage is a great feature of Afterburner software which provides you exact control of the Core, Memory as well as PLL Voltages.

Customize fan speed curve

When we talk about the performance of a graphic card, heat dissipation is an important factor that affects its performance. It enables you to customize the fan speed, which provides you a chance to find the cooling performance. 

FPS counter

It has in-game FPS counter which can be seen in the corner of your screen. It is a wonderful feature to determine the real-time information of the performance of your PC.

MSI Afterburner for PC is available free of charge, it means you can enjoy the features and functions of this wonderful software without spending even a single penny. Moreover, it can easily be used with graphics cards of all brands without any hassle.

So, you need not worry about which graphic card you have in your system if you are going to install Afterburner on your PC.


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