Nero Free for PC

If you are looking for the best way to transfer your data from local storage on your PC to discs, you must use Nero Free as a powerful CD or DVD burning software to ease your task. It does not require using or interacting with many extra tools and side apps provided by the full-featured Nero version.

It provides you an easy and effective solution to transfer any kind of data, audio or video files to your CD or DVD without any hassle, even you will feel it as the best way which you should had used before. This software to be used on PC works on the latest technologies, easy to use and modern interface.

This particular version of Nero is 100% safe and free to be used for unlimited usage by common users at home. If you want to use it for professional use, you are advised to go for its upgrade version. The built-in ads can also be used to provide an earning opportunity to the development team. It is also capable of displaying Newsfeeds from the number of RSS sources. It also allows users to subscribe or unsubscribe manually from those RSS sources, thus gives you a choice to choose subscription as per your preferences.

When it comes to its interface, you will be amazed to find that the interface of this free version is quite simpler focusing on the single screen and contains only two working modes, one is Data Burning and another is Copy Disc.

Features of Nero Free for PC

  • It is highly capable of burning a new CD or DVD discs at different speeds.
  • It makes copying and writing data easier and simpler.
  • It has a simple toolset that helps in managing all discs write job effectively.
  • It is the perfect software for creating a backup of important discs
  • Other features include data verification, managing rewritable discs, etc.

Nero Free for PC is quite easier to be installed on almost all versions of Windows OS, simply focus on following the installation process carefully because by default its free version is available with various third-party products. Once it is fully installed on your system, it will be able to detect all the existing CD or DVD writers on it.

Just try this software for a perfect CD or DVD burning job.


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