NetDrive for PC

When you are struggling to access the number of cloud storage accounts on your PC, you need something that can ease your task of accessing these accounts. In this situation, NetDrive for PC comes for your rescue and ensure to provide the best solution by allowing you to access Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box and various other accounts with great ease as if you are accessing your local file system.

It works by registering WebDAV and FTP servers by using the NetDrive Site Manager. It also allows you to configure highly secured HTTPS connections with the help of the Advanced menu. Once the connections are done, you are allowed to control online drives from Windows Explorer through a drive letter. As a result of this, the remote files on these online drives start behaving like any local data.

In addition to these features, NetDrive for PC also allows easier file transferring benefit. Like, if you want to transfer any file or folder from the cloud storage account, the software enables you to perform this task by simply drag and drop function. Apart from these, it is also capable of executing apps as well as starts your videos with just one click. Thus, makes all these functions easier to access.

Features of NetDrive for PC

Cloud storage accounts as a virtual drive

If you are using a cloud storage service, managing this service is not as easier as you think. With NetDrive, you just need to give your login details and all your cloud storage accounts will appear as a virtual drive whenever you start PC.

Share NAS as a virtual drive

WebDAV or FTP can be used to make a connection to NAS servers, thus allowing you to share your NAS with great ease as a virtual drive.

Transfer files by SFTP

NetDrive enables you to transfer files securely by SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).

NetDrive for PC also provides you a facility to launch at Windows start which can easily be accessed by using the icon in the system tray. This software is available free for evaluation use but after that you require purchasing the licensed version of the software.


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