NetLimiter for PC

If you are a frequent internet user and have never used any kind of traffic control software, then it is recommended to must have at least one internet traffic control utility on your PC. Such utility works more than your expectation and gives you the ultimate solution where you can manage the network connection as well as the programs using the internet on your PC without your knowledge.

One such ultimate internet traffic control utility for the experienced internet users is NetLimiter. It allows you to set some rules to the selected network connections and create an edge for the traffic exchange for outgoing or incoming only. This helps a lot in enhancing the internet browsing speed.

Moreover, using this utility, you have the freedom to limit the specific connections to a period as well as avoiding the bottleneck traffic during peak hours. This gives you the best way to let your connection to focus on certain activities and improves performance.

It is easy to install and requires your PC to restart. Once it is completely installed on your system, you can easily find the apps which are draining your internet connection as well as the percentage of their usage. The main window of the NetLimiter for PC displays the active processes along with the information, such as the downloading and uploading speed. In addition to this, it also displays information about incoming and outgoing connections.

Some key features of NetLimiter for PC

  • The utility displays all the apps using the network, their connections, transfer rates, and other information.
  • It can also be used to limit the download or upload transfer rate for network connections, apps as well as the groups of connections. It helps in managing the bandwidth of your internet connection, thus this utility also works as a bandwidth controller.
  • The statistic tool of NetLimiter allows you to track internet traffic history from the time you have installed it on your PC.

In addition to these, other features include remote administration, chart, rule editor, traffic management and many more.


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