NTLite for PC

NTLite is Windows software that works effectively in integrating and customizing Windows PC. It is an intelligent solution which is highly capable of integrating updates, drivers, mechanizing Windows and apps setup. It is also effective in speeding up the Windows deployment process and keep it ready to use for the next time.

Apart from these functions, NTLite for PC perform various other activities as well such as removal of Windows components and is also effective in simplifying the installation as well as in reducing attack vectors. This software also works great in freeing up drive space and let you use that space for other purposes.

In addition to this, NTLite can also be used to perform similar actions on the current Windows installation, without any need of reinstalling it. The only thing you have to do is to just run the tool for editing, make the required changes and reboot your PC if required.

NTLite 32-bit and 64-bit versions of this software are available for PC. It has easy to use and intuitive interface, thus making it easier to access by novices as well.

Some key features of NTLite for PC

Image Management

The software allows you to manage the images effectively and supports all standard image formats. It is also capable of creating a bootable ISO from any image format when an ordinary image folder structure exists.

Live edit mode

The software also offers live edit mode, enabling you to configure and remove components from the Windows which is already installed, thus no need of re-installing it and gives instant results.

Remove components

It also helps in reducing RAM and storage drive memory by allowing you to remove the components you want, thus helps in speeding up the process.

Driver Integration

NTLite also allows you to integrate drivers into any image you need. Here, you must know that Windows installs the detected drivers automatically on their placement.

Registry Integration

The registry files are applied directly to the image registry with the help of NTLite for PC and do not require this during setup, thus it makes registry editing easier.

So, get it today and run your PC faster.


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