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Paint.NET is a free image editing software which is available to be used on Windows PC. The simple and user-friendly interface with numerous features and functions of this software is designed to give easy to use and learn image editing without any help.

It supports layers, special effects, endless undo and a wide range of other useful tools to give a wonderful image editing experience, especially to inexperienced users. This software consists of various standard editing tools, just like you can have these tools in the commercial image editors.

It offers a lot to its users and works effectively on easing their task of enhancing images for a variety of purposes. If you are looking for a powerful, fully-featured and a free image editor, Paint.NET for PC could be your best choice so far.

Key Features of Paint.NET

Simple And Intuitive Interface

It has a simple, intuitive and easy to use interface enables you to access the entire software easily and quickly without any assistance. If you want to work on multiple images at the same time, the software uses a tabbed document interface

High Performance

No matter what processor your system has, Paint.NET for PC is highly capable of running faster on any system and is quite responsive to each click of the mouse. Thus, ensures to give high performance on Windows PC.


It has a layers feature which can generally be found on the expensive professional software, thus ensures giving an amazing image composition experience.

Special Effects

The software offers various special effects allowing you to enhance your images. These include 3D rotate or zoom effects, sharpening, blurring, embossing, and sound and many others.

Editing Tools

It enables you to enjoy various other simple yet powerful editing tools that help you in making a perfect image. These include curve tool, gradient tool, and others, giving you the facility to give innovative improvement to the images by selecting the tool as per your need of editing the specific image.

Unlimited Edit History

It allows you to edit your images as many times as you want and can redo it easily because each action you perform is saved in the history window.

Overall, this free image editing software provides you everything to create anything you could imagine.


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