Panda Dome for PC

There are several important documents and data that one stores on their computer. It is important to protect all the data, the software and the hardware from external damage as your personal computers are expensive and hold important information. This is why it is utmost necessary for PC users to have a way to protect their computers from external threats and malicious files.

Panda dome for PC is a tool that helps users fight against viruses and other malicious files that might cause damage to the computer system. Several features make this tool stand out amongst all other applications of the same genre.

Features of Panda Dome

Antivirus protection

Panda Dome for PC makes the job of the user much easier as it does not require a lot of manual supervision. The tool is capable of Real-time protection against all types of malware and spyware. It scans incoming mail and other applications on the computer to ensure that you are not under attack. You can also Schedule periodic scans and scan your computer on demand if you do not want to scan the computer regularly.

Multimedia and Gaming Mode

Panda dome is a great way to make sure that you can watch your media files or play your favourite video games without getting interrupted by notifications that other antivirus software would end up sending. This makes sure that the task that is to be performed by the tool goes on and does not interrupt the other functions that the user wishes to perform on their phone.

USB protection

Panda Dome for your PC is a tool that protects your PC by preventing the automatic execution of malware from USB drives. As a user, you can scan all USB drives upon insertion which makes sure that there are no viruses, trojan horses or other such threats that will infect your computer through a USB device. This creates another level of safety and ensures security for users.

These features make Panda Dome for PC a preferred antivirus software as compared to others. Download it today to experience all the features first-hand.


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