PhotoScape for PC

If photography is your profession or you love photography, you might have looked for software that can ease your task of editing the photos in an effective way. Many of you might get confused when there are numbers of photo editing software are there in the market.

One such software is PhotoScape that allows you to fix and improve the quality of photos. If you are looking for software with the help of which you can perform a fast overview of your photos in a simple way, then PhotoScape could be your best choice.

This photo editing software is available for PC, offering beginners and intermediate users everything they are looking for to organize and edit digital photos. Apart from this, this software enables you to clone, crop and de-color your desired photos. PhotoScape for PC also offers functions for performing impressive settings for contrast, levels and various other parameters of the photo. Thus, gives you well-improved photos as per your needs.

You can enjoy more advanced features of this software in the Pro version. So, if you are a newbie, then the basic version of PhotoScape is a suitable option for you.

Key features Offered by PhotoScape for PC

  • It allows you to present your photos as a slideshow using the Photo viewer option.
  • Whether you want to resize, crop, and perform adjustments for color, contrast, and saturation, this photo editing software has everything to offer.
  • You can also adjust the look of your photos easily and quickly using the number of preset photo treatments.
  • The software is also a great solution for creating GIFs, arrange photos and make collages. Thus, gives you a facility to surprise your loved one by arranging the cherished memories in one place.
  • You can also merge the number of photos on a single page to make a final photo.
  • The photos can be attached vertically or horizontally, whatever you want.
  • The filters in PhotoScape include black & white, and Bandicoot.
  • You can also convert RAW files on your camera or other devices to jpeg converter.

All these features can be accessed with a few simple clicks. So, grab the benefits of PhotoScape by trying this software on your PC today only.


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