In this modern-day world, when we work with emails very much, one needs an email management system where they can store emails categorical wise, with simple UI that is very user-friendly so that they don’t have to deal with messes that emails create. The post-box email app is an app that allows you to store all your important emails in the categorical wise and in an organized way. It has a very user-friendly UI that helps you to find the essential emails very easily.


Professional Email Responses

This email app has 70 professional email responses that are a very essential tool for any professional worker. You can also customize it before final use. For any cooperate, worker, this tool is very useful for them.

Image Effects

This app allows you to add effects to the images like you can rotate, slip, add frames and scale to the images.


This app offers you an anti-tracking tool that alerts you if somebody is using a tracking tool in the email they have sent to you.

Signature Template

While sending emails, you can add beautiful templates in your emails. There is a total of 25 templates you can use.

Image and File Search

This apps helps you to find any image or file very quickly. Post-box allows very faster accessibility to any image or file.

Tagging Options

Post-Box allows you to use keywords and tags in your emails. The tag will also become applicable to any other email you sent in the same conversation.

Message and image size indicator

The users are allowed to resize the images according to their needs. Also, the size of messages can be adjusted with the help of the indicator. If the maximum size exceeds, the Post-Box will send you a warning alert.

Add-on for sharing files

It helps users to send a link to other applications like One Drive or DropBox.


This software is developed by Mozilla Developers. For any professional worker who deals with emails every time, the Post-box app can be very useful for them. It has lots of features like the signature template, tagging options, professional email response, add-on sharing files like features that help you to work very efficiently. So if you are a professional worker who deals with emails every time, you should go for the Post-Box app to make your work very easy.


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