Reflector for PC

Reflector for PC is designed to enable you to view your iPhone, iPad or iPod activities on your PC screen without using a wired connection. In simple words, we can also say that it is a great tool which gives you the facility to mirror your phone screen on your PC with the help of Google Cast, AirPlay and AirParrot.

This wireless mirroring and streaming receiver is a wonderful choice to mirror any kind of content on the large screen of your computer without any need of wires or complicated setup. Now, you can do all the activities of your phone on your PC, such as playing games, watching movies, taking classes, giving a demo of apps have become so easier and comfortable on the large screen.

In addition to these, you are also allowed to share your screen directly to YouTube so that others can also watch your screen live. It is amazing software for teachers to give learning sessions to the students with great ease. Overall, no matter what you are doing on your device, everything can easily be sent and that too wirelessly to Reflector for PC.

Features of Reflector

Let’s have a look at some of the exclusive features of Reflector which makes it stand out among the list of similar software to be sued on Windows PC.

  • Reflector allows you to stream movies and TV shows from your PC and other devices. In addition, you can also share videos with others.
  • It has built-in Google Cast and AirPlay which makes in an effective all-in-one wireless mirroring and streaming receiver and enables these activities easy to perform without any need of wires.
  • You can install this software on your PC without any hassle and it does not require any additional hardware. Simply install it and connect.
  • It enables you to interact with other people by choosing which screen you want to show to your audiences.
  • Reflector offers Student tool which is designed specifically to be used in schools and colleges.

Overall, Reflector for PC is the best software to view your iPhone, iPad or iPod screen activity on your system and everything is done effortlessly.


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