Screen Grabber Pro for PC

It is very important to be able to share your work and the functions that you perform on the desktop with another person. Whether it is someone who wishes to learn how to access certain settings or simply share a moment from some comedy show they are watching, it is important for people to be able to record their screen and be able to do that with ease.

Screen Grabber Pro for PC is a highly effective tool that allows users to record their computer screen and make sure that they can share some part of their work or day with a near and dear one. Here are some of the features that make this tool a great choice for users who want to record their computer screen-

Automatic Functions

It automatically records the screen according to a pre programmed schedule and share the screenshots or screen recordings anywhere you like with a few clicks of the button. This feature is inviting for software engineers and circuit designers who need to wait for a certain period of time before their results are compiled and it might be at an instance where the screen is not being monitored. This is the reason why the tool is favoured by a lot of different professionals.

Editing of The Recording

If the recording of your screen is meant to serve a certain purpose it is important that you are able to edit the recording to highlight the important parts of the recording or to enrich or enhance the experience overall. This means that you can add lines, text, rows, and icons in the recording. It also allows users to trim, merge and add watermarks to the video.

Recording Functions

There are several different functions that can be performed using Screen Grabber Pro for PC. One such feature is the ability to record multiple screens in recording mode and screencast only specific regions, full screen, or around the mouse cursor to project the part of the screen you wish to observe.

With these exclusive features one should be convinced that this tool will meet all your requirements. Go download now!


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