Shotcut for PC

Are you not satisfied with your current video editor? Is your video editor is not capable enough to meet t your all editing needs? If yes, here comes Shotcut as the right solution for you to be used on your PC.

Shotcut for PC is an open-source video editor which is available for free and allows you to edit your videos effectively. So, if you are the one who do video editing as a regular task, it is advised to use this software at least once and it has everything to impress you. Shotcut has a sleek and intuitive interface, giving you easy access to its features and making video editing tasks more fun.

The software enables you to work with various panels, allowing you to crop and undock your videos as per your choice. It also enables you to view the detailed information about media properties, encoding and filter panel, and others. In addition to this, Shotcut also provides you the facility to view recent files and you can also get the playlists with a thumbnail view. The software also allows you to search for your desired files, thus giving you a facility where you can view the recent search history as well. The files can easily be moved using its drag and drop function which can be accessed from file manager.

The software supports a variety of file formats and one of its features Blackmagic Design is capable of monitoring input and a preview of your work, along with supporting 4K resolution.

Features of Shotcut for PC

Sleek and Intuitive Interface

The software has several dockable and undockable panels enabling you to perform various tasks with great ease.

Support Various Formats

It supports a wide range of audio and video file formats without any need of importing.

Blackmagic Design

This feature allows you to monitor your input and preview activities, such as capturing audio, screen, and webcam.

If you want to edit your videos effortlessly, like a pro, using Shotcut for PC would be the best choice for your needs.


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