Sigil for PC

With the improvement in the digital publishing industry, thousands of e-books are created and sold on specialized marketplaces. But at the same time, these e-books are required to be in specific formats that enables readers to access the content of e-books easily on their mobile devices.

This is what; Sigil for PC does for you. It is free and open-source software which allows users to work effectively on their ebooks content including text, images as well as multimedia content. It can easily handle ebook creation projects from scratch to the end without any use of third-party tool.

Sigil for PC, ebook creator and editor, has many things to offer to its users to ease their tasks of creating and editing ebook projects with the help of a wide range of options and configuration settings.

Key Features of Sigil for PC

  • It is quite easier to use, all due to its user-friendly interface that puts the main focus on providing simplicity to the users.
  • The software supports HTML, XHTML, image and video files, and style sheets.
  • It also supports the import of ePub files as well as the creation of these files.
  • The most remarkable feature of Sigil for PC is the split viewing mode with the help of which you are able to view the code and design simultaneously. This feature is mostly found in complex and paid software.
  • With the help of this software, you can create the covers and even modify the basic metadata including the main properties.
  • It also keeps track of the text which is being copied to the Clipboard and save it to the history, thus allowing you to any of your desired clips.
  • It also helps you in providing error-free content to the users by using the in-built spellchecker.
  • It is also capable of reducing the size of your online publications files by removing the unused media and CSS styles.
  • You can also take the help of keyboard shortcuts and can easily be remapped into somewhat different.

Sigil for PC can run easily on any low CPU and RAM and does not bring any impact on the overall performance and speed of your system.

So, if you are looking for a reader, editor, and creator for e-books with the ePub format, then get this software today and enjoy creating an impressive digital publication.


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