In this Modern-day world, while dealing with emails every time, it is so necessary for any corporate house that a huge number of emails creates a very much mess and organizing them is very difficult. Due to this mess, sometimes people often miss important emails and thus it leads them to lose important kinds of stuff.

So, to prevent this loss, corporates need an instant messaging app that sends any file instantly. Slack is an instant messaging platform for corporates and business communication. It was designed to replace email and to create an inter-office communication platform. Any documents that are uploaded are automatically indexed. This means you can search and access documents very quickly after uploading the documents. It also helps you to access the contents of the PDF file.


Channels creation

Chat rooms can be created for users where only private or group conversations can be held. Channels can be searched and can be requested to join by their users. Private channels can be created for users where restricted people can access. These channels do not turn up in searches and other users cannot requests to join private chat rooms.

Searchability of files

Any documents or files that are uploaded to the stack are automatically indexed. This means any user from that stack can access the files very quickly. The slack app also allows you to get the contents of the PDF file. This feature is very useful for any corporate office where one needs to do file work regularly.

Cloud File Sharing

Slack allows you to share the file via a cloud-based system like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Links are automatically visible to the users of this channel. This makes the accessibility at any point of time very easy.

Drag and Drop

This feature allows you to share the file very quickly.


Slack allows you to conference through video and audio conferencing. This feature helps you to conduct a conference between users very easy.

Other features

Slack has a lot more features like tags, notification, indexing, contact details, etc. that makes slack very useful for every professional worker.


Slack comes under both free and paid. The free version has limited features and it does not have time limits. You can upgrade to a paid version for unlimited features to make your work super easy.

So, if you are an office worker or incorporates that need to work with files, so this app is for you where you can organize your chat room and can access the documents and emails very easily.


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