Spybot Search & Destroy for PC

Spybot Search & Destroy is the most effective anti-spyware scanner and remover, which is used for Windows PC. It detects and removes spyware in your PC, a threat which is not covered by many common anti-virus apps. Spyware is software that silently collects your browsing information on the internet without your knowledge and used/sell this information for advertising purpose and in some cases, directs you to certain websites against your will.

If you see any kind of toolbar in your Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera which have not installed or if your web browser crashes mysteriously or if your homepage is changed or hijacked, it means you PC is most likely to be infected by spyware.

Sometimes, you do not see any such symptoms, but still, your system may be infected with spyware, in these cases, Spyware Search & Destroy for PC works effectively in recognizing that spyware and removes them as well. 

Apart from this scanning and detecting spyware, this software is also capable of cleaning usage tracks, which is one of the interesting features for those who share their system with other users. It does not let others see what you were working on. Moreover, for professional users, this software has always been a great solution to fix some registry inconsistencies as well as comprehensive reports.

Another feature that makes it different from others is to detect and stop any attempt to redirecting your system to some other server without your knowledge. 

It is also capable of detecting and removing the multiple adware files and modules from your PC. The convenient online-update feature of Spybot Search & Destroy for PC always contains the latest adware, dialers and other unwanted occupants on your system.

Key Features of Spybot Search & Destroy

  • Detection and removal of keyloggers
  • Remove threats by shredding them
  • No option available for ignoring the particular issue
  • Backup of each removal issue is taken
  • Permanent blocks the identified tracking cookies and intimidating downloads in IE
  • Scan, removal and update automatically
  • Unknown threats are also reported

So, if you want to keep your system protected from spyware, make sure to start using Spybot Search & Directory for PC.


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