TaskLayout for PC

TaskLayout is reliable and portable software that allows you to save and retrieve the screen layout using just one click, whenever you require. This software is highly capable of saving the multiple desktop layout files, running apps and many more.

You can easily restore the windows opened or activated at the time of saving and running the screen window positions. Not only this, but it also enables you to import shortcuts as well as .bat files, thus making the migration easier and faster. You can also explore the noticeable windows, can set autorun for certain actions at times and can even assign hotkeys to close and restore the desktop layout.

Isn’t it quite easier to get your desktop layout anytime you want just with the help of single click or hotkey?

How does TaskLayout work?

Whether you have to open a location having a long path or you do not know the location where you have saved a certain file, at this point, TaskLayout works as an assistant for you and helps in accessing that file. When you open the location or the particular file which you are working on, simply create its desktop layout file, which can be run later, anytime you require, using TaskLayout.

You need not remember anything when you have TaskLayout on your PC. The software remembers everything for you, like which window was opened and where your file is located, at the time when you create its layout file. Whenever you want to retrieve the window containing the location, you have to run the file. 

Let’s have a look at some of the key features of TaskLayout:-

Key features of TaskLayout for PC

  • It provides you the best solution to save and restore files or folders with long paths that you cannot remember.
  • It can add Windows Explorer, Control Panel, images, files and even a set of dialogues to its desktop layout file.
  • It is quite easy to use and always runs in the background and does not hinder your work on a desktop. 
  • The saved desktop layout file can be restored any time you wish.

If you are working on your Windows PC and want to open certain windows, TaskLayout for PC is quite handy software to get what you are looking for.


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