TextPipe Lite for PC

TextPipe Lite is useful software which is used to search and replace keywords or text blocks into a wide range of text files. This software is designed to use on Windows PC and is highly capable of handling countless files and folders, no matter what size they have.

When you deal with multiple files, processing of these text files can be quite challenging for many people. So, to overcome this issue you require something that can do text filtering, this is what TextPipe Lite for PC does for you. It is quite effective software that enables you to convert, edit and extract keywords or text blocks from the text files using the different kinds of filters for each file.

The text you are going to filter can of any type, can even have multiple lines and special characters. Even if you want to search text in ZIP files, this software can do it with great ease. Thus, it keeps you away from the hassle of unzipping the archives and backups.

Now, when it comes to the reasons of why it is one of the most effective software for data conversion and mining, here are some of the key features of TextPipe Lite for PC which makes it different from similar other software.

What does TextPipe Lite offer?

  • TextPipe Lite allows you to perform one or more replacements simultaneously.
  • It is capable of searching multiple line text as well as special characters effectively.
  • The text you want to replace can be performed in countless files and folders.
  • It gives better viewing to text by removing blank lines and extra white spaces.
  • The conversion and extraction are carried out for file with any size. It can even easily handle files with more than 10GB size.
  • It enables you to convert Unix and Mac text files to DO layout.
  • It can also be used as a code or a document cleanser and it can be done by simply eliminating the blank lines and additional white spaces.
  • TextPipe Lite is suitable for both newbies and experienced persons for daily use.

Overall, we can say that TextPipe Lite for PC is one of the reliable software for text processing, which you must try for any of these activities, such as conversion and extraction on multiple text files.


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