Torch Browser

With the advent of the internet, our lives have changed drastically. We depend on it for research for work and also to select and buy groceries. It is important to have a good browser to be able to utilize the internet to the fullest and enjoy all the facilities provided by it. That is why Torch Browser is the best choice for you.

Torch Browser is an internet browser that ensures that you can access any website and its contents without facing any issues. It is a quick, reliable and user-friendly option to select. It is highly flexible and supports customization making it the right choice for enriching your browsing experience.

Apart from the basic functions that any browser offers, Torch browser has these additional features-

Media Grabber

It allows users to download audio and media files from the internet with the click of a button. It does not require any software, converters or extensions for this task and hence makes the life of users much easier. It provides a wholesome experience without having to rely on external software and extensions.

Easy Sharing

You can share information that you obtain from the browser directly to any of your social media accounts. Be it facebook or twitter, the browser allows you to share up to date information with your online friends with the click of a button.

Built-in Torrent

What’s more? You do not have to juggle between your browser and another window to manage all your downloads. The browser comes with an in-built torrent downloader that allows you to manage all your torrent files within the same window. This saves users a great amount of time and energy.

Drag and Drop Feature

The custom shortcuts provided by the browser make this browser the most efficient tool to rely on. The Drag and Drop Feature allows the users to search, translate and share links easily. This makes the task less tedious and gives users the freedom to surf more than one topic and share their work easily when it is required to do so.

These features make it obvious that Torch Browser is the best option for a browser and should be downloaded by one and all. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chance to have a better browsing experience!


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