Tribler for PC

The trend of downloading various files through various torrents has been evident since many years.

But why do people do torrenting or why do they download files through torrent?

The answer is – Ease, faster download speeds, accessibility to quality content at any time.

Many times, it happens that people want to access the content available online but they can not have a good time enjoying the content because of the amount of advertisements and pop-ups while streaming or downloading something online.

The solution to all these problems is pretty simple – Tribler.

Whats Tribler?

Tribler is a BitTorrent – compatible alternative to YouTube and ams to protect you against lawyer – based attacks and censorship.

It is designed to protect your privacy, build a web-of-trust, be attack-reslent, and reward content creators directly.

Both the downloaders as the uploaders will be masked, which means that they can’t be traced by any organizations online. Tribler is robust: “the only way to take Tribler down is to take The internet down”

Why Tribler?

The main aim of Tribler is to become the key place where audiences and their torrents, creative talents get discovered, and artists get financial rewards from their fans.

Tribler uses the BitTorrent protocol to download and upload files and is fully compatible with most
BitTorrent clients, additionally, it adds a number of important extensions.

Main features of Tribler

  • Fully integrated content search
  • Anonymous downloading
  • An overlay swarm for communication between peers
  • The ability to cooperatively download
  • Tor-inspired onion routing
  • Focused On Ease Of Use

How Tribler is better than any other BitTorrent clients available online?

  • Most importantly it’s Ads-free
  • Spam control
  • Search and Download Torrents anonymously
  • Free to use
  • Beautiful and user-friendly interface
  • No need to go through external torrent websites
  • Search and watch videos within the application self

The Conclusion

Tribler is an open-source decentralized BitTorrent client which allows anonymous peer-to-peer by default. Tribler is based on the BitTorrent protocol and uses an overlay network for content searching, which makes the program operate independently of external websites and renders it immune to limiting external act on such as government restraint.

The user interface of Tribler is very basic and focused on ease of use instead of a diversity of features.

Tribler offers anonymous downloading. BitTorrent is fast but has no privacy.


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